Hugo Cartridge is specially developed packaging for grease. The grease cartridges are manufactured in standard size for 400 g grease guns but can also be used in some 500 g grease guns. For lubrication of open surfaces, Hugo Cartridge is supplemented with a spout cap and used in a Hugo Grease Applicator.

  • The injection-moulded grease cartridge guarantees consistent quality with uniform wall thickness and high stability, as well as a surface that is suitable for screen printing. The bottom of the grease cartridge has an inner seal that locks with the pull cap on the bottom, creating an optimal seal. The outer edge seals tight in a grease gun and prevents the cartridge slipping during use.
  • The specially constructed, leak-free pull cap holds fast during filling, during transport and during storage. The convex inside of the pull cap means that the cartridge becomes even more tightly sealed by the pressure from being filled. The pull cap can be easily removed using the pull ring.
  • The cartridge can be resealed by replacing the pull cap. Hugo Cartridge has seals at both ends, guaranteeing fully sealed, leak-free operation.
  • Hugo Cartridge is made of PP and the cap is made of PELLD, which means our products are 100% recyclable.
  • DIN standard 1284.

Our recommendation below may not fit all high-pressure sprayers on the market, but it may be worth trying

How to use your Hugo Cartridge with a standard DIN 1284 greasegun

How to use your Hugo Cartridge with Hugo Grease gun

How to use your Hugo Cartridge with a Hugo Grease Applicator


The high-quality 400 gram Hugo Cartridge has gotten a big brother. Hugo Cartridge 500g

The Hugo Cartridge family has now been expanded with a 500 gram cartridge.

For example, Hugo Cartridge 500g can be used with:
-Reiner System
-KAJO System

The Hugo Cartridge System Caps

Our unique design caps makes emptying the cartridge more efficient and less messy

Piston Cap

Once you have removed the outer collar of the piston cap, the cap will follow the grease through the cartridge as it is emptied. Due to the flat design of the cap, almost 100 % of the grease is expelled from the cartridge. Even if the grease gun is worn, hardly any grease will leak back into the gun, as the cap acts as a seal and follows the grease as the cartridge is emptied. The piston cap works together with Hugo Grease Applicator.

We also have the possibility to produce pistoncaps made out of bioplastic.

Leak Free Piston Cap

This leak-free piston cap meets more stringent requirements for a tight seal during transport and storage even in the top of the cartridge. This cap is therefore recommended for use with runnier grease and if the cartridge is to be sent in small packages. At room temperature the cap prevents leakage even if the cartridge is held upside down or horizontally. The leak-free piston cap also works together with Hugo Grease Applicator.

We also have the possibility to produce pistoncaps made out of bioplastic.

Universal Piston Cap

With the help of this cap and an adapter Hugo Grease Cartridges can be used in grease guns that empty the cartridge by means of a vacuum. The universal cap is applied to the top of the cartridge, after which the outer collar is torn off, causing the cap to be held securely in place during use by the vacuum created. The pull cap at the bottom is replaced by the adapter. This is threaded so it can be screwed firmly to the grease gun, which is operated with a two-hand grip. The adapter is supplied as extras.

We also have the possibility to produce pistoncaps universal made out of bioplastic.

Flat Cap

Flat cap is a standard cap for Hugo Cartridge. The design of the cap allows maximum usage of the volume.


The Hugo Cartridge has a very smooth surface and is perfect for printing.
We offer products with high-quality printing in up to six colours and you are free to select your own design.

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About GR Produkter AB

GR Produkter AB produces and markets injection-moulded plastic products. Production of Hugo Cartridge began in 1992 and we now supply grease cartridges to a number of companies across Europe.

Plastics and injection-molding

  • We offer products with high-quality printing in up to six colors. Printing takes place in either our own modern screen printing facility, or through collaboration with a screen printing facility in the Netherlands. This allows us to offer excellent logistics and short delivery times for the whole of the European market.
  • Deliveries from GR Produkter mean reliable quality products. With over 20 years’ production of Hugo Grease Cartridges, the product has become well established on the market and is greatly valued for its high quality and carefully considered functionality.
  • We are a service-focused company that is always committed to our customers’ situation, always ready to deliver the right quality at the right time. With over 99 % of deliveries arriving at the agreed time and less than 0.2 % complaints, we are recognised as a reliable player by the market.
  • GR Products AB is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company.

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